Find Newspaper with best coupon inserts

Did you ever wonder to find out best newspaper near you that carry all coupon inserts such as P&G, Redplum or Smartsource?

I moved to MA last year, and one of thing after moving I did was to check for the newspapers that carry all and best coupon inserts.

First, I found out about local newspapers that carries the P&G coupon inserts here. 

A. Boston Globe
B. Boston Herald

Then,  I searched for Redplum using this link. Results were all same. Boston Globe and Boston herald.

After this, I contacted Smartsource company using their Contact Us form or by calling 1-800-462-0852 and made sure Smartsource inserts comes in both newspaper.

Finally, I did the price and coupons comparison.  Boston globe Sunday edition costs $4 and  Boston Herald $2. Both newspapers come with really good coupons which are 80-90% similar most of the time.

You can see Boston herald is 50% cheaper than Boston Globe, so I  decided to buy Boston Herald every week for my shopping needs.

Try these suggestions and let me know if you have any other questions.


  1. The gazette near in MD near the DC area has a small smart source insert with some of the coupons from the real smart source that comes in the post and they are the same value and on top of that they are free ! So all around the are you will find tons and tons of papers so that you can get some free coupons :)
    And they don't give you horrible coupons either !

  2. Amit,
    I live in Champaign-Urbana in IL, and am new to these coupons things. I purchased the News-Gazette here on 9/11 and did not find a single coupon at all. Any idea on what is the paper I need to buy to find the coupons. Can you please help me out.


  3. Rakesh, please let me your zip code.


  4. I live in northern New Jersey and I buy the Jersey Journal every Saturday. If it isn't awesome enough that I get my inserts a day early, the cherry on top is... each paper is only .60cents!

  5. I get coupons in the Sunday paper "Huntington Herald Dispatch" at 25541 but they frequently don't have all the good coupons listed online that others are getting in their papers. For example I haven't gotten coupons for the Schick Silk razor that was in the 2/26 and 3/25 inserts. I didn't get the Got2B coupons that everyone else has referred to over the past months. It's not fair. I would get a different paper that carried a better quality coupon if I could determine what paper that would be.