Sunday, July 17, 2011

7/31 P&G, Smartsource and Redplum Inserts Preview

Four inserts coming on 7/31. Two Redplum, One Smartsource and One P&G.

Here are 7/31 P&G, Redplum, Smartsource Preview.

7/31 Smartsource
Red Lobster $4.00 off any two dinner entree's (9/8)
Red Lobster $3.00 off any two lunch entree's (9/8)
BIC Stationery Products Save $1.00/2 (9/30)
General Mills Cereals Chex*Fiber One*Honey Nut*Oatmeal Crisp*Raisin Nut*Total (9/10)
Yoplait Greek Yogurt Save $.50/2 (9/24)
Save $1.00 on any fresh eggs when you purchase two packages of Naturesweet Cherry Tomatoes (10/31)
Welch's Jams Jellies or Spreads Save $1.00/3 (10/31)
Blink Tears or Blink Gel Tears Lubricating Eye Drops Save $1.00 (9/30)
Complete Multipurpose Solution Save $1.00/1 12 oz+ (9/30)
Complete Blink-n-clean Drops or Blink Contacts Lubricant Eye Drops Save $1.00 (9/30)
Listerine Mouthwash 50 ml or larger OR Reach Toothbrush OR Reach Floss OR Reach Access Flosser Save $.50/1 (12/31)
Listerine Mouthwash 500ml or larger and/or Reach Toothbrush and/or Reach Floss or Reach Access Flosser Save $1.50/any 2(12/31)
Listerine Mouthwash 500ml or larger AND Reach Toothbrush AND Reach Floss or Reach Access Flosser Save $3.00/3 (12/31)
Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 1L+ or any Total Care plus Whitening Mouthwash 32 fl oz OR Restoring Listerine Mouthwash 1L OR Listerine Zero Mouthwash 1L Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Listerine Smart Rinse Mouthwash OR Listerine Agent Cool Blue Rinse 500ml IR Reach Kids Toothbrush Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Band-aid Adhesive Bandage Save $.50/1 (12/31)
Efferdent Product or Effergrip Save $.75/1 (11/30)
Ensure Multipack Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Harris Teeter Your Home 8 pk paper Towels Save $3.00 (7/27-10/25)
Harris Teeter All Natural Ice Cream Save $2.00 (10/25)
Harris Teeter Thin Crust Pizza save $1.00 (10/25)
Harris Teeter Your Home 12 Roll bath Tissue save $3.00 (10/25)
Eat smart Naturals Snack Save $.75/1 5 oz+ (10/31)
Extra, Orbit, Eclipse, Juicy Fruit, Double mint, Spearmint, Big Red or Winterfresh Save $1.00/1 Three Packs (10/31)
Extra, Orbit, Eclipse, Juicy Fruit, Double mint, Spearmint, Big Red or Winterfresh Save $.50/2 14-15 Pc Pack (10/31)Clean & Clear Product Save $1.00/1 (9/30)
Splenda Sugar Blend or Brown Sugar Blend Save $1.00 (9/12)
Splenda Essentials Save $3.00/1 (8/15)
Eggland's Best Cage Free Dozen Eggs Save $.35/1 (12/31)
Eggland's' best Eggs Save $.35 (12/31)
Neosporin product and one Band-aid Adhesive Product and Save $1.50 (9/30)
Aveeno Suncare Product Save $1.00/1 (8/31)
Listerine Smart Rinse Product OR Reach Toothbrush Product Save $1.00 (12/31)
Tyson Grilled and ready Products Save $1.00 (10/31)
Boston Market Save $1.00 on any meal, sandwich, combo or salad (8/28)
Boston Market Save $1.00 on any meal, sandwich, combo or salad (8/28)
Boston Market Save e$2.00/$10.00 (8/28)
Boston Market Save $4.00/$20.00 (8/28)
Duck Brand packaging Tape save $.50/1 (9/30)
Woolite Formula Save $1.00/1 (9/30)
Woolite Stomp'n Go Save $1.00 (9/30)
Finish Quantum save $1.00 (9/11)
Finish Powerball or Gelpac Save $.75/1 (9/11)
Harbor Freight Tools FREE Tape Measure
Harbor Freight 20% Coupon
Harbor Freight Nine Coupons Listed
Windex Products save $1.00/2 (9/24)
Revlon Beauty Tool Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Bestlife Buttery Spread, Spray, Sticks Save e$.50/1 (10/09)
Purell Product Save $1.00/1 8 oz+ (10/31)
Purell Products Save $1.00/3 (10/31)
Glade Scented Oil Plugins or Two Single refills Save $1.00 (8/20)
Glade Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder save $3.00/1 (9/20)
Glade Fabric & Odor Eliminator Product Save $1.00 (9/10)
Glade Automatic Spray Refill save $1.50 (9/10)
Scrubbing Bubbles Active Scrub Cream Cleanser Save $1.00 (9/11)
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners Save $1.00/2 (9/11)
Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner Save $1.00 (9/11)
Scrubbing Bubbles Extend A Clean Bathroom Cleaner or Daily Shower Clener Save $1.00 (9/11)
Scrubbing Bubbles Antibacterial Wipes Save $1.00/2 (9/11)
Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer Save $1.00 99/11)
BUY ONE Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel GET ANY Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Product FREE (9/11)
Mitchum for Women Product save $.75/1 (9/4)
Rubbermaid takealongs Save $1.00/2 (9/10)
Schiff Mega Red Save $3.00 (10/31)
Schiff Glucosamine Save $2.00 (10/31)
Schiff Mega D3 Save $2.00 (10/31)
Schiff Vitamin or Supplement Save $1.00 (10/31)
Nuetrogena Face Makeup Save $2.00 (8/31)
Nuetrogena Lip or Eye Makeup save e$1.00 (8/31)
Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief Toothpaste Save $1.50/1 (8/31)
Colgate 360 Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothbrush Save $1.00 (8/31)
Wonder file Portable Workstation Save $3.00 99/18)
BIC Razor Save $2.00/1 (9/11)

7/31 P&G
Coupons expire 8/31.
Always $.50/1 Pads, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Cloths
Always $1/1 Infinity 14ct+
Always $1/1 Pantiliners 30ct+
Bounce $.25/1 dryer sheet or dryer bar refill
Bounce $.50/1 dryer bar product
Bounty $.25/1 napkins
Bounty $.25/1 towels or napkins
Braun $10/1 Series 3, Series 5 or series 7 shaver
Braun $5/1 cruZer trimmer
Cascade $1/1
Charmin $.25/1
Clairol $2/1 hair color
Covergirl $1/1 (2 coupons)
Crest $.50/1 toothpaste 4oz+
Crest $.75/1 toothpaste 4oz+ or liquid gel (excludes Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar)
Crest $10/1 3D White Professional Effects or 2 Hour Express Whitestrips
Crest $2/1 Rinse 946mL+
Crest $5/1 3D White Advanced Vivid, Vivid, Stain Shield or Gentle Routine Whitestrips
Dawn $.50/1
Downy $.50/1 liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets
Duracell $.50/1 Coppertop, Ultra Advanced, Ultra Photo Lithium or specialty batteries
Duracell $1/1 rechargeable batteries or charger or one 6-pack+ hearing aid batteries
Fixodent $.50/1 adhesive 1.05oz+
Fixodent $.75/1 cleanser
Gillette $2/1 body wash ets
Gillette $2/1 Fusion skin care
Gillette $3/2 deodorants or $3/1 Clinical deodorant ets
Gillette $4/1 Fusion ProGlide razor
Gillette Buy one Fusion ProGlide cartridge, get a free Fusion ProGlide shave prep (up to $4.29)
Head & Shoulders $.50/1 shampoo or conditioner ets
Iams $1/1 Naturals dry dog or cat food
Iams $1/1 Premium Protection dry dog or cat food
Iams $1/1 ProActive Health dry dog or cat food
Iams B3G1 free (up to $1) canned dog or cat food
Ivory/Safeguard $.50/1 Ivory body wash or bar or Safeguard bar or liquid hand soap
Metamucil $1/1
Metamucil $1/1 fiber singles, capsules, or wafers
Olay $3/1 Regenerist facial moisturizer ets
Olay $5/1 Pro-X facial moisturizer or Pro-X Clear (excludes trial, cleanser, cleansing device and refills)
Olay Buy one body wash, bar or hand and body lotion, get one Satin Care shave gel free (up to $3.99)
Oral-B $.75/1 floss or floss picks 3ct+
Oral-B $.75/1 Pulsar CrossAction Advantage or $.75/2 Indicator or Cavity Defense manual toothbrushes
Oral-B $10/2 replacement brush heads 3ct+
Oral-B $3/1 battery toothbrush
Oral-B $3/1 replacement brush heads 3ct+
Oral-B/Crest $.50/1 Oral-B Stages, Zooth or Crest kid's manual or power toothbrush
Oral-B/Crest $.50/1 Stages, Zooth or Crest kid's toothpaste
Pampers $1/2 bags or $1/1 box diapers or pants
Pampers $2 off 1 diapers or pants AND 1 wipes 60ct+
Pampers $2/1 Swaddlers Sensitive, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Limited Edition Prints or Extra Protection diapers
Pantene $1/2 ets
Pringles $.50/1 Snack Stack or Stix
Pringles $1/2 fat free 165g+
Pringles $1/4 Super Stack cans 180g+
Puffs $.25/3 singles or $.25/1 3-pack
Scope $.75/1 mouthwash 710mL+
Secret $1/1 Flawless, Scent Expressions or Fresh Effects deodorant twin pack
Secret Buy two Scent Expressions or Fresh Effects deodorants, get one body spray free (up to $5) ets
Swiffer $.75/1 refill or Dust & Shine
Swiffer $1/1 Sweeper or Dusters starter kit
Swiffer $5/1 Wet Jet or Sweeper Vac starter kit
Tampax $.50/1 18ct+
Tampax $1/1 Pearl or Pearl Compak 18ct+
Tampax B1G1 free Pearl Compak (18-20ct) (up to $3.99)
Tide $.50/1 Stain Release product
Tide $1.50/1 Stain Release 26-50oz powder, 15-34ct duo pac or 36-68oz liquid
Tide $1/1 detergent
Venus $2/1 Venus or Daisy disposable razor
Venus Buy one refill, get $5 off a razor excludes disposables)

Red Plum #1
Axe B1G1 free 4oz bodyspray, 2.7oz anti-perspirant and deodorant or 3oz deodorant (up to $5.99) (excludes trial and travel, bonus packs, holiday packs, club packs and other promotional items (8/28/11)
Axe B1G1 free shower gel or detailer (up to $5.99) (9/24/11)
Best Foods $.25/1 16.5oz+ (8/28/11)
C&H $.75/1 light or amber organic agave nectar (9/30/11)
Caress $.75/1 Tahitian Renewal, Cashmere Luxury, Daily Silk, Evenly Gorgeous, Velvet Bliss, Glowing Touch, Sheer Twilight or Scarlet Blossom (12oz+ body wash or 6-bar+ pack) (8/28/11)
Covergirl $1/2 cosmetics items ets TARGET coupon (9/30/11)
Degree $1/1 men or women anti-perspirant & deodorant (8/28/11)
Degree $1/1 men or women premium anti-perspirant & deodorant or body mist (8/28/11)
Dove $1.25/1 Beauty Bar 6-bar pack+ (excludes Men+Care) (8/28/11)
Dove $1/1 body wash 10oz+ (exludes Men+Caare) (8/28/11)
Dove $1/1 Men+Care body and face bar 6-bar pack+ (8/28/11)
Dove $1/1 Men+Care body and face wash 13.5oz+ or active clean shower tool (8/28/11)
Dove Buy one shampoo or conditioner (excl 40oz and trial/travel size) get one treatment free (up to $6) (8/28/11)
Dove Buy one women's deodorant, Ultimate or Clinical Protection, get a free Men+Care antiperspirant (2.7oz) or deodorant (3oz) (excl trial/travel and multi-packs) (8/28/11)
Lipton $.50/1 tea bags, To Go or any iced tea mix (8/28/11)
L'Oreal $2/1 Excellence or Excellence-to-Go shade (9/25/11)
L'Oreal $2/1 Root Rescue (9/25/11)
Magnum $1/1 ice cream (8/28/11)
Q-tips $.30/1 cotton swabs 170ct+ (8/28/11)
Ragu $1/2 pasta sauce (8/28/11)
Skippy $1/2 peanut butter 15oz+ (8/28/11)
TRESemme $1/1 shampoo or conditioner ets (8/28/11)
TRESemme $1/1 styling product ets (8/28/11)
Vaseline $1.50/1 3.1oz+ (8/28/11)
Wish-Bone $.50/1 dressing (8/28/11)

Red Plum #2
Bengay $3/1 (11/30/11)
Centrum $2/1 Silver 60ct+ (10/2/11)
Johnson & Johnson $1.50/2 Red Cross brand products (11/30/11)
L.A. Looks $1/1 20oz or 26oz product (10/31/11)
Nestle $.55/1 Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss (10/30/11)
Rimmel $1/1 volume accelerator mascara or any Rimmel product (9/30/11)
Nestle $1/2 Pure Life .5-liter multi-packs 20-pack+ (9/11/11)
Nestle $2/1 Pure Life 5 gallon bottle (9/11/11)
Nivea $1/1 body lotion (8.4-16.9oz) (9/11/11)
Nivea $1/1 body wash for men (16.9oz) (9/30/11)
Nivea $1/1 face care or $1/2 shave gels (0.5-7oz) (9/30/11)
Nivea $2/1 body wash for women (8.4-16.9oz) (9/30/11)
Nivea $2/1 Good-Bye Cellulite (2.5-6.7oz) (9/11/11)
Nivea $3/2 lip care (0.17oz stick -.35oz tube) (8/15/11)
OXY $1/1 (10/1/11)
OXY $3/1 clinical product (10/1/11)
Seventh Generation $1/1 (excl single roll toilet paper) (10/31/11)
Skinny Cow $1/1 multi-pack chocolate candy (4.65-6oz) (10/31/11)
Skinny Cow B1G1 free singles chocolate candy (.77-1oz) (up to $.99) (10/31/11)

Credit and Thanks : Thanks Couponing from chester, and Jasper at wuc.



  1. The P&G doesn't seem right because it has Pringles listed.

  2. Pringles is always in the P&G coupons.

  3. Pringles has not been in the P&G ever since P&G sold that division.

  4. Ladycat is right, but I cross checked other P&G coupons with 7/31 CVS, walgreens ad, and everything else looks right so we have to wait and see. I got this coupon preview from ebay, so i dont have actual insert yet.

  5. Pringles are part of 7/31 P&G insert, weird but confirmed from another source.

  6. Amit, thank you for confirming it.

  7. Wow! How do you get the insert previews so soon?? I just came across your site today - linked over from iheartwags.

  8. what do you mean by rp1 and rp2? regional?

  9. I mean two Redplum will come on 7/31 in every regiion, so total 4 inserts.

  10. Thanks! Got my 4 inserts this morning.