Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free Newspaper and Coupon Inserts

Many local community or spanish newspapers are free, come once in a week and often carry Redplum or Smartsource inserts.

You can try following resources/suggestions to find free newspaper and coupon inserts.

Spanish Newspaper : Echo media publish so many spanish newspaper and many of them are free and carry Redplum or smartsource coupon inserts.

Check out this list to find spanish newspaper around you.

Local Community Newspaper : Mostly every city publish local newspaper which comes one in a midweek, and often have Redplum/Smartsource coupon inserts.  Search online or check your local grocery store newspapers shelve to find near you.

Better Approach :  Coupon inserts are divided into category and often specific to regions or newspapers.  If you just look at the cover of Redplum or Smartsource coupon inserts, you will see inserts adveristing information.

Example : If you look at the Redplum insert cover from Boston Herald,  you will see :

" This Redplum advertising supplement to Boston Herald, Lowell Sun, Lynn Daily, Andover Sunday Eagle, Milford Metro" 

So same Redplum insert comes in all these newspaper with similar coupons. I can use this information to find free or cheap newspaper that carry similar Redplum inserts.  Just google the name of newspaper and you will get price, schedule etc.

I am using this approach to get free local newspaper every week which carry free Smartsource.


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